Shared Workspace Group

3 shared offices in London, 900 workers waste

We provide a complete range of waste and recycling services for offices and shared workspaces throughout London, Surrey and Sussex. Offering contracts for single and multi site businesses and organisations.

The Customer

Before working with us at Curbside, this customer had difficulty finding a waste and recycling contractor that could collect at the times they needed.

They experienced a constant struggle to liaise with their supplier and were let down regularly. After they’d contacted us, we talked with them to understand their requirements where we identified a few incorrect processes at two of their locations, all of which they were paying for. 


We devised a multi-site plan to manage all their locations under one single agreement. Once agreed and put into practice, our newly proposed bin allocation and collection plan created more space at each site, reduced their overall costs and helped them increase the amount they recycled. 

Services We Provide Them

We provide these three office locations with following waste and recycling services:

  • General Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Cardboard Recycling 

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At first we were looking for a reputable company to collect our waste at the times we needed. We were first recommended to Curbside by a close business friend of mine who had a similar issue. After visiting our site and conducting a survey they were able to provide a perfect solution to what we needed. We also identified that we were overpaying for our waste disposal costs at 2 of our locations. We've since been able to substantially reduce our waste and recycling costs and created more space by using less bins.

Facilities Manager