Bistro Restaurant Group

Group of 6 London bistro restaurants

We serve restaurant, pub and cafe groups across multiple sites throughout London and the UK. Providing them with a single waste and recycling contractor, one point of contact, one monthly invoice; whilst reducing their costs.

The Customer

Our service reliability stopped this restaurant chain from getting fined by the council.

A chain of six bistro restaurants in London was pushed to the limit by the lack of service provision provided by their old waste and recycling contractor when they received several fines from the council. 


They not only experienced an unreliable service from them, but felt that their issues were not taken seriously. No matter how much they complained, they never felt like their old supplier cared. They felt they were treated as a number, not as people. 


When they contacted us the frustration that had built up was clear to see.  We immediately sent out a member of our management team to review all six of their sites and understand what they were dealing with. We then allocated them a dedicated account manager, restructured their waste collection schedule and made sure we turned things around for them.


Since then, there have been no more council fines, their staff have built a relationship with us and they are recycling more than before, saving money and supporting the environment. 

Services We Provide Them

We’re delighted to continue to support the restaurant chain with the following waste and recycling contractor services:

  • General Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling 
  • Glass Recycling
  • Food Recycling

We were increasingly frustrated with our previous waste and recycling supplier. When we made the decision to find a new company we were a little anxious based on having such a bad experience in the past. Joining Curbside has been amazing, the team on the phone are always so helpful and friendly. It's great to arrive in the morning at work and see that our waste has been collected, not sitting there for all our customers to see in broad daylight.

Operations Manager