Retail Outlet Chain

4 site Boutique Retail Chain in London, Surrey & Sussex.

At Curbside we support businesses and organisations in the retail sector, from small independent groups to brands with multiple locations throughout London and the UK. Offering our customers a one-stop waste and recycling solution takes the complication out of working with multiple waste and recycling providers. We'll always aim to save you money and our practices always have the environment at the forefront of our intentions.

The Customer

A small independent chain of 4 clothes shops.

With 4 outlets spread across London, Surrey and Sussex and a small central management team, the business owner wanted to make running their business as simple as possible. 


Where they could, their goal was to use one supplier for all purchases, including the fitout company that designed their store interiors, through to the packaging they sold their clothes in. When it came to their waste and recycling supplier their ethos was the same, however before they were introduced to Curbside, the only contractors they could find that could serve all four locations in Sussex, Surrey and London were far too expensive. This lead to them working with four separate suppliers, with different points of contact, different prices and more invoices to manage. 


Once they were introduced to Curbside, this all changed. We helped them not only by simplifying their waste and recycling administration, but also by working closely with them to understand their waste consumption and then making recommendations that meant they could recycle more and save extra money.  One of the value added services they took advantage of was our cardboard rebate scheme. 

Services We Provide Them

Today we continue to support them as their dedicated waste and recycling contractor across all their locations; providing them with the following services:

  • General Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Cardboard Recycling & rebate scheme

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As our company has grown, so did the logistics of managing the day to day operations. What used to work for us at our first store didn’t as we grew. Our first waste collection company didn’t operate in our new location, so we had to shop around for a new supplier. It was a headache with constant missed collections, waiting on the phone at call centres just to get through to someone, invoices being sent to me that shouldn’t have. All of which is a nightmare when you have a business to run. Since we transferred our services over to Curbside it's been great. Clear communication, great service and they're easy to reach. It's so nice being able to speak to someone and build a rapport, knowing you can quickly resolve any issue we have at any of our locations.

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