Industrial Manufacturing Plant

Sussex based manufacturer with 2 sites

At Curbside we manage waste and recycling for manufacturers, distributors and industrial depots. Serving the business-2-business market is where we started. We have experience that we share to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Customer

Before we worked with this Sussex based manufacturer they hadn’t paid too much attention to how they disposed of their waste.


In addition, their previous waste and recycling contractor hadn’t proactively engaged with them to help them understand ‘best practices’ in waste management.


They had always been conscientious about their supply chain, purchasing materials locally where possible and proud to fly the flag of ‘Made In Britain’.  They then decided to become ISO14001 accredited, devising a new environmental policy and strategy to reduce their carbon footprint. 


It was at this stage they contacted us at Curbside. We were invited to tender for their waste and recycling contract. Upon delivering our proposed services that included a consultancy based evaluation that focused on the environment, we were contracted to take on their waste and recycling service requirements.


Today we are proud to continue to work with them and delighted we have not only saved them money, but increased their recycling levels and reduced their general waste.

Services We Provide Them

We support this environmentally conscientious manufacturer with the following waste and recycling services:

  • General Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling 
  • Glass Recycling
  • Food Recycling

After our initial conversations with Curbside they arranged a site visit and consultation. We were delighted to hear that our waste service could be amended to benefit our day to day operations and support our new environmental policy. We have managed to create more space outside our units for parking, with more frequent collections. We've increased our recycling segregation, which has reduced our overall yearly costs for waste. Fantastic from start to finish!

Warehouse Facilities Manager