Curbside Recycling & Waste Management

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Our waste recycling and contractor services are designed to support your operations commercially and environmentally, with customer-service that supports. We act as a partner - "An extension of your company”

General Waste

What can’t be recycled.

Our consultative approach to contracting allows us to educate and support our customers about how best to separate their waste, so that we can reduce their disposal costs and achieve the best outcome for the environment – Reusing and recycling where possible. 


Equally, whilst manufacturers of packaging and containers are delivering more on using recyclable materials, it is still unfortunately inevitable that some waste items cannot yet be recycled.

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Dry Mixed Recycling


Accumulate your recyclables in one bin.

Curbside’s dry mixed recycling (DMR) service is a cost efficient and simple way of recycling a large proportion of your business’s, or organisation’s waste. 


As DMR is diverted away from landfill sites there is a reduced tax benefit that we pass onto you – Helping the environment and reducing your costs.

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Food Waste

Food recycling reduces methane from entering the atmosphere.

When you recycle your food waste with Curbside it starts a journey where the destination is rejuvenation.


We ensure it is processed in a secure environment where the methane is converted into energy and the solids are cultivated into a soil conditioner that is used to aid the growth of future crops – Supporting the environmental circle of life.   

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Glass Recycling


Glass manufactured from recycled glass decreases related air pollution by 20%.

Recycling your glass bottles, jars and other types glass containers at Curbside is simple, cost-efficient and kind to the environment.


We have invested in the processing partners we work with to ensure we have a high ratio of glass recycling – Allowing the extraction of metals, paper and ceramics.

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Cardboard Recycling


Recycling cardboard separately further reduces your disposal costs.

Whilst our ‘Dry Mixed Recycling’ (DMR) service is suitable for the recycling of cardboard, if you accumulate large volumes of cardboard waste then it would prove economically beneficial to segregate and process your cardboard waste separately. 


This is where our pre-sales consultancy service comes into play – We will assess and create the right waste & recycling plan for you.

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