Food Waste

Ethically dispose of your food waste

We understand businesses in the hospitality industry want to ethically dispose of their waste now more than ever. Our waste and recycling services cover a spectrum of industries needs, most notably that of the food and drink sector.

Ethical, efficient food waste management

Our food waste disposal services are reliable, competitive and environmentally friendly.

You might think that disposing of food in your general waste bins makes perfect sense, however sending rotting food to landfill has a catastrophic effect on the environment by releasing methane gas directly into the atmosphere. 


Equally, we have a competent understanding of what you need from a food waste contractor. We know that rotting food is unhygienic and attracts bacteria and rodents, that’s why our collections are frequent and reliable.

Food waste - What Happens Next

Creating energy, helping crops grow.

After we have collected your food waste it is transferred to a secure processing facility where the generated methane is contained and used to produce energy.


The food waste itself is processed in an anaerobic digester, where it is broken down to produce fertiliser that is later sold on to aid the growth of crops.

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