Glass Recycling

One Of The Easiest Materials You Can Recycle

There isn't a maximum number of times you can recycle glass. Infact, creating a new glass item out of glass that has been disposed off is better to the environment. It uses less energy to melt down.

Recycle Your Glass With Curbside

Any colour, any size.

Our glass recycling service allows businesses to recycle different colours of glass bottles, jars and other types of used glass containers. We tailor this service to suit your disposal needs and waste storage environments. If you have the space, we can offer bins for different colours glass, but where there are space constraints we can provide bins where you can mix colours.


Whether it’s a daily, weekly or monthly collections you require, we supply glass collection bags and bins to suit your needs.

Glass Recycling - What Happens Next

Glass can be recycled over & over again.

After we have collected the glass bottles, jars and containers you have disposed of they are delivered to one of our partner Glass Treatment Plants (GTP). 


They are then categorised and separated by colour. Then they are washed, crushed and melted down. From here on glass manufacturers remould them to create new glass products, but using less energy than it would take to produce a glass item from non-recycled raw materials. 

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