Dry Mixed Recycling

The Easy way To Recycle & Reduce Your Costs

If you want to reduce your waste disposal costs, whilst also supporting the environment, then dry mixed recycling (DMR) is an effective service to use. You may have limited space to segregate your waste into separate recyclable categories - DMR will support this limitation.

How Curbside Dry Mixed Recycling Works


Our mixed dry recycling service (DMR) is a simple way to manage a large proportion of your business’s, or organisation’s waste.

As your contractor, we will work with you to divert as much of your waste away from landfill sites. In most cases, this will reduce your costs through detouring government landfill taxes.


DMR is a positive step towards supporting the environment and is a sensible solution for locations with space constraints, where material segregation can prove challenging.

What You Can Recycle & What Happens Next


Taking advantage of DMR couldn’t be simpler.

One single bin for your plastic containers, plastic wrappers, cardboard, paper, metal cans/containers and bottle tops. Your only responsibility – To ensure they are disposed of empty and are not contaminated with liquids, or hazardous substances. 


Following the collection of your DMR, it is taken to one of our partner Material-Recycling-Facilities (MRF). Here the recyclable items are sorted and categorised. Plastics and metals are then manufactured into new products, whilst paper and card is forwarded on to paper recycling mills for further processing.

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