You wouldn’t throw away money – would you?

It’s easy for people to stick with what they know, it’s the line of least resistance, and bizarrely – keeping what’s familiar going for the sake of keeping it going, gives us a sense of security. 

When times are good, we let the odd problem here and there go. And, you’re less likely to get het up about those times when people let the commitments, and responsibilities they have to you, go by the wayside. 

Every now and then, we might give them a little nudge, a friendly reminder that they need to do better. But, all in all, a lot of the time (let’s face facts) we’re happy to let things go. After all, although it might not be quite what we’d expect or hope for, everybody’s human, right?

The thing is, from time to time it’s worth taking that second glance, and pausing for a moment to consider what’s actually happening. It gives us clarity and a better sense of perspective. You start to see the bigger picture, and all those niggling knock on effects.

The little things that might not be quite right, the issues we tend to put to the back of our mind (and the bottom of our to-do-lists), often end up being the ones that cost us a lot more than we might actually realise.

With everything as it is right now – covid and the looming uncertainty of Brexit serging ever faster towards us; we have to ask ourselves – Are these little problems really that little? And, what are they actually costing us in the long term?

Let’s put a bit more context around this. But first up, you’ll have to excuse us for the few nautical references around waste, bins and recycling. It’s just that – it’s what we do. And, in our experience when we first go to talk to businesses about their waste and recycling, often their initial response is – it’s a waste of their time. 

Yes, most businesses of today take an interest around the ethics of recycling. They want to do the right thing. They do have a social interest, and care about the environment. Then there’s cost. On the face of it, if we can get these two things nailed surely we’re ticking the right boxes?

… But, have you forgotten? 

What about the time you arrived at work, only to find your rubbish uncollected and all over the floor. The subsequent phone call to your supplier, where you were kept on hold for longer than your commute to work. The promises you were made, for them only to be unfulfilled. The double billing, and non-processed credits. Yes, the one you fought on the phone for, when you could have been doing something else. It all adds up doesn’t it, and that’s your time. A commodity in itself – something you can’t recycle. 

We mentioned earlier, managing commercial waste and recycling is what we do. But, wasting your time, money and bursting your blood vessels isn’t. We’re much more agile than your typical contractor. Born out of the same frustration, we feel your pain. And, at Curbside, we’ve taken action to remedy that. 

Price driven and environmentally conscientious, yes we are. But, we also act like a partner, and not your typical supplier. It’s down to how we look after our customers – like people, not numbers.

We kick off relationships by listening. We do our best to make your life easier. Your time is precious, and we know that. We don’t have a queuing system on our phones. First name terms are a given. If you want a call back you’ll get one. And, we’ll collect what types of waste and recycling you want – when you want.

So, next time you call your current waste and recycling supplier, and find yourself once again on hold listening to Opus No1; wondering whether you’ll have lost the will to live by the time you’re routed through to a call centre, just ask yourself – Shall i bin them?

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